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Soundsation PLOT 6200FZ - Fresnel lámpa 200 W-os RGBALC 6 az 1-ben leddel és motoros zoommal
Soundsation PLOT 6200FZ - Fresnel lámpa 200 W-os RGBALC 6 az 1-ben leddel és motoros zoommal
Nettó:196 055 Ft
Bruttó:248 990 Ft

Soundsation PLOT 6200FZ - Fresnel lámpa 200 W-os RGBALC 6 az 1-ben leddel és motoros zoommal

Szállítási idő
3év Teljeskörű garancia
Nettó:196 055 Ft
Bruttó:248 990 Ft

Centolight PLOT 6200FZ is a LED Fresnel Light with adjustable light beam from 15° and 50° via motorized zoom. The light source consists of a 200W 6-color Led (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime and Cyan) whose color combination, as well as offering unmatched color palette compared to previous RGBW and RGBWA technologies, allows white color temperature adjustment from warm (about 2000°K) to cold (about 8500°K). The result is a Fresnel light suited to any application (theater, shows, fixed installations, etc.) also thanks to the motorized zoom controlled via DMX with 15° - 50° beam angle. The dimmer control is extremely accurate and, because of the high refresh frequency (over 15kHz), it is flicker-free and can also be used in television contexts. The quality of the Fresnel lens makes the light beam very diffused and smooth. Low noise is guaranteed by the quality of cooling fan and as well as the internal processor that allows the best balance between LED temperature and fan noise, always within 20dB @ 1m. The fixture is equipped with rotatable barndoor.
LED Fresnel Light with 15°-50° Motorized Zoom
200W RGBALC 6in1 LED with over 50,000h lifetime
Color Temperature ranging from 2000°K up to 8500°K
?130mm (5.1in) Fresnel Lens
Zoom Range from 15° to 50°
Up to 5630lux @ 3m
CRI =90
Smooth 16-bit Dimmer
Flicker-Free Operation
Low-Noise Cooling System
Rotatable Barndoor Included

Light Source: 1x200W RGBWALC 6in1 COB LED
Zoom: Motorized from 15° to 50° (DMX or Manually Controlled)
Chip Life: Over 50,000h
Fresnel Lens: ?130mm (5.1in)
CCT (Color Temperature): from 2000°K to 8500°K
CRI: Ra=90
Flicker-Free: LED frequency over 15.000Hz
Beam Angle: 15°-50°
Lens Material: High-Quality Glass Fresnel Lens
Dimmer: 16-Bit Smooth Linear Dimming
Strobe effect: Yes
Cooling System: Quite Fan (under 25dB @1m) + Copper Tube
DMX Channel Modes: 12 Channels (RDM Included)
Control Modes: DMX, Strobo, Master-Slave, Manual Dimming
Control Panel: 4 Buttons and LED Display
IP rate: IP20
DMX In/Out: 3-pin XLR
Power Socket: Powercon In/Out
Voltage: 100~240V 50/60Hz
Fuse: F5AL/250V (5x20mm)
Max Power Consumption: 220W
Working Temperature: -30÷55 °C (-22÷171 °F)
Barndoor: Rotatable Barndoor (Included)
Fixture Size (WxDxH): 400x187x220 mm – 17.75x7.36x8.66 in (only fixture, without barndoor and C-Bracket)
Net Weight: 6,6kg – 14.55 lbs.
Packing Size (WxDxH): 540x280x280 mm – 21.26x11.02x11.02 in
Packing Weight: 7,6kg – 16.75 lbs.
7,6 kg/db
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